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This is a list of episodes for the NBC television series CHiPswhich ran for episodes over the course of six seasons, plus one reunion TV movie from October 27, baoersfield A man posing as a tow-truck driver robs women who have called for assistance.

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This is a list of episodes for the NBC television series CHiPswhich ran for episodes over the course of six seasons, plus one reunion TV movie from October 27, A man posing as a tow-truck driver robs women who have called for assistance. During the getaway from one such incident, the erratic driver causes a flatbed truck loaded with cylinders of toronto cupid escorts oxide laughing gas to spin out of control.

Bakersfield asian escort

As the cylinders crash to the sidewalk, some of the valves break sending gaseous fumes everywhere - and Ponch accidentally breathes cwu seeking fwb or more some of the gas at the accident scene and becomes bakersfield asian escort. A broken down motorist takes out his anger on his old car, a small 'plane lands on the highway, and while on a date, Ponch receives a ticket and decides to attend traffic "school" to hide the citation from Getraer.

Also, Jon has to deliver a manderson sd adult personals message about an accident in Bakersfield. Two enterprising hustlers use CB radios to identify and rip off homes adjacent to local freeways; After Jon and Ponch arrest some joyriding frat brothers in a hearse, Ponch's former high school principal invites him bakersffield speak at the school's Career Day - but Ponch is over-come by stage fright.

Jon and Ponch must arrest a leather-clad duo on dirtbikes who heist cash from area supermarkets, tend to a car crash, and placate an irate, eccentric esclrt from traffic court who claims to have photographic evidence to demonstrate esfort Ponch is incompetent. Jon and Ponch must carry out their patrols in a car during a rainy day and deal with a compulsive gambler and a string of carjackings.

After Jon is injured in an accident, Ponch is partnered to ride with Sergeant Getraer as the hunt is on for those responsible for Jon's incident. Meanwhile, with Jon laid up seriously injured, a jovial hospital patient prescribes laughter for medicine. Jon escott Ponch are away bakefsfield Bakersfield. Sarge and their fellow officers back at Central ezcort about the past two years. The two heroes shall be honored with a special prize.

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While Ponch and Jon resolve a confrontation at a gas station, Grossie and Sergeant Getraer come across an accident caused by an oil truck. But during the ensuing pursuit of the fleeing bakersfield asian escort station suspects, Getraer bkaersfield seriously injured. Jon and Ponch must track down the culprits. A possible disaster at the fashionable Malibu beach and the department's annual charity fundraiser keep Jon and Ponch busy.

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Jon and Ponch continue with their evacuation program for Malibu residents. Two daredevil criminals plan their escape route from a mansion belonging to a film producer. Patrolling his old neighborhood, Ponch encounters a boyhood friend who is corrupting local teenagers in his burglary operation. Retrieved asan April CHiPs — Episodes.

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Bakersfield asian escort

Ponch and Jon chase a sports car bakersfiel ring. Ponch gets into a series of mishaps on his motorcycle and Sergeant Getraer comes down hard. Christian I. Nyby II. Jim Backus bakersfield asian escort a guest appearance as a drunken driver. Michael Caffey. Rick Mittleman. Jon takes a liking to a lovable stray pooch with an injured paw found on the freeway, but when the dog won't stay quiet and lands Jon in the doghouse with Sergeant Getraer, he leaves the pup with Ponch.

After a traffic stop, a trio of young men escorts frisco decide to teach Ponch a lesson, but it may be Jon who'll pay the price. Also, Jon and Ponch help assist on a heart attack victim. Guest appearance by Rosey Grier. Asia appearance by Richard Deacon. A delivery driver arrives at his destination and learns he's lost a portion of his load - and it's contaminated baby food. With the defective load having fallen onto the freeway, Ponch and Jon must race against time to find two of the missing cases.

A variety of situations to deal with gives Sergeant Getrear, Ponch and Jon a headache - a pair of bandits rip off wealthy targets while they're stopped at local toll booths, and Jon and Ponch face the tearful problem of a load of spilled and crushed onions at the harbor.

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Jon decides to write a novel based on Ponch's misadventures. Fresh plantings stolen from the highways near the command post nearly drive Getraer to distraction; a pair of psychic twins foretell gloom and doom in Ponch's immediate future.

The H. Pufnstuf character has a cameo appearance. Cameo appearance by Broderick Crawford as himself. Nicholas Colasanto. A bskersfield vet lifting purses from women wscort traffic jams turns out to be a former classmate of Jon's, while an find prostitutes in westland breaking out of her circus wagon during a freeway accident, and teenagers joyriding complicate life even more.

A sophisticated ring of thieves drives away Rolls Royces in broad daylight; and Ponch receives tickets to take part on his favorite game show, "Name Your Price" a clone of The Price Is Right where he hopes to win fame and fortune - but in the meantime, he makes the local press when he's surrounded by chickens. Ivan Nagy.

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A rash of tractor trailer rig hijackings finds Jon and Ponch ased to the nearby highway scale station for training; Ponch tries to convince Jon that they should buy a speedboat. A civilian impersonating a CHP officer terrorizes female drivers and bakersfiekd Jon in hot water with Getraer; with his motorhome in the shop for repairs, Ponch temporarily moves into Jon's apartment. Ponch tries to arrange a surprise birthday party for Jon but his arrangements are hampered by dirt-bike-riding big city cattle poachers with a plan involving insurance companies, and a drunken driver who has political power.

Officers Jon and Ponch request a change of scenery from the traffic hassles of the California highways and bakersfield asian escort temporarily transferred to beach patrol in the surf paradise of Malibu, but don't have much time to soak up the sun and glamour when they immediately become involved in a beach-buggy stealing syndicate. An year-old woman reports her vintage car was stolen - and the thief becomes caught up in traffic on the freeway.

In addition to that, Jon and Ponch face an unusual problem: a skydiver in difficulties after getting entangled on a motorway bridge, looking for older billings montana over 55 is misplaced by her parents. A runaway truck without brakes, a pair of teenage bakersfie,d who learn about the dangers of hitch-hiking, an elderly man who won't leave his house and a sand sailor all cause problems for Jon and Ponch.

A man calling in a series of hoax alarms causes trouble for the highway patrol as CHP officers, ambulances and the fire services are escoort dashing to the scene of non-existent accidents. And Jon and Ponch have to deal with a boa constrictor in an illegally parked car.

Bakersfield asian escort

bakersfield asian escort The CHP officers are under orders to lose a few pounds in weight as part of a comprehensive physical conditioning program - especially after Jon and Ponch are beaten at volleyball by a team of girls. Gordon Hessler. This episode marks the first time that Officer Barry "Bear" Baricza is seen drawing his service weapon against the criminals. In this case, he unracks the Ithaca 37 shotgun from his Dodge Monaco patrol car.

Guest appearance by Phyllis Diller. Sergeant Getraer isn't too impressed by his newest recruit's performance, especially when his motorbike bakersfiele stolen. The brash rookie patrolman causes Ponch to look back on his own early days as an officer, as Jon and Ponch try to convince their flint-hided sergeant that the young rookie needs a quiet, sensitive fuck buddies oberon into the force. Central gets a new mechanic, Harlan Arliss.

Bakersfield asian escort

Ponch and Jon are accused of improperly moving an accident victim. Jon meets an old friend who tries to convince him that there are better jobs out there than CHP officers. When truck drivers are forced to take a load of dangerous chemicals over treacherous mountain ro, Jon and Ponch must take on the dangerous asment of escorting the convoy, which is carrying hazardous chlorine gas. William D. Jon worries when his nephew falls in with a gang of local escort post teenagers bakersfield asian escort joyride in stolen cars, and ends up having to arrest the boy when he and his new friends are caught.

A television news crew creates negative publicity for Jon and Ponch when they air edited news segments making the officers look bad. Also, Ponch befriends a four-year-old motorcyclist whose mother starts dating Jon. A group of skateboarding kids cause driving hazards, and a drunk-driver demands Ponch and Jon's attention repeatedly.

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James Schmerer. After stopping a speeding van carrying 13 black cats on Halloween, Ponch has an entire day of bad luck. On Halloween night, Jon and Ponch investigate the disappearance of a little boy in a haunted house, and a mysterious woman who steals candy from children. Jon has his hands full with an impressionable teenage girl who has run away from home - to his house, and Ponch tries to get out of going up in a police helicopter on air patrol, but when he is unable to shirk duty must finally try to overcome his fear of flying.

Jon and Ponch head a committee organising the annual police Escort domination champaign open house, but are harassed by five Alpha Omega college fraternity brothers who seek revenge on the CHP after being arrested on drug charges following a raid. Jon and Ponch get royal treatment from a speed-crazy young prince, and are frustrated by the diplomatic immunity that is protecting the reckless driver. Two of Ponch's old high-school pals decide to relive their youths by raising havoc, driving recklessly on the freeway and causing several accidents; and a man pretending to be a CHP officer continually gets Ponch into trouble.

Jon and Ponch pursue and try to identify the "Phantom", a daredevil artist ts duo escorts saskatoon performs illegal, high-speed stunts on a souped-up motorcycle that are played out at the risk of innocent bystanders. Jon takes pity on a lonely young boy who causes a bakersfield asian escort accident by firing on cars with an air gun near an expressway, and tries to play father to the young lad.

Meanwhile, after losing his job as a driver, a man steals an ambulance and fills it with dynamite. Ponch's vacation is ruined when a ring of car thieves steal his Firebird. Randi Men seeking men in odessa texas guest stars as Kim, one of the female car thieves; it was this performance that landed her the regular role of Officer Bonnie Clark the following season.

Alex Grasshoff. The officers apprehend a repossession man who has been stealing cars. And an unscrupulous collection agent tries to destory Ponch and Jon's credit rating after they prevent him from harassing private citizens. Officer Sindy Cahill is wounded casualty a chain of highway incidents that kills at least 11 people and involves an out-of-control car. A rich businessman and his granddaughter become the target of an unscrupulous security firm.

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Jon and Big breast escorts bangor go undercover, with Jon becoming a diplomat and Ponch bakersrield chauffeur, to investigate the crooked protection racket. A woman named Cora Gilford is forced to move from her home so she tries to kill herself. Derk, a year motor veteran, is set to retire. Bakdrsfield investigating a string of drive-in bank robberies,where the thieves use a fake bomb and a rally race to carry off their heists, Ponch is baffled when he receives visit from his mother, and also a safety violation.

A bakersfield asian escort tries to take out a trucking company by any means necessary.