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The orange and black striped flagpole had, of course, been erected on the roof of the original garage when the station was being constructed in And it was an important stop for visitors So the flagpole was moved to the snow surface, where it eervice become the "ceremonial flagpole" photo op site. When the escort service queens ronne queenw was completed, brownsville5271 adult personals bamboo pole was shortened to near its present length, although the top still had the pulley attached when I showed up in October At some point after the winter and before the summer, the pole was further shortened, painted red and white, and the square wooden top with the flagpole segvice attached was replaced with a thicker blue round piece.

Beasleypopulation 21 list and photo. Early on 8 May he apparently got lost while returning from the remote radio noise laboratory and the main station during a windstorm; he was never found despite extensive winter and summer searches photos and official Navy and NIST reports.

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First commercial aircraft flight over Pole 17 November in a chartered Balloon explodes while being filled, most of the balloon inflation shelter is destroyed 31 January. Visibility was poor, and the tractor driver who was maneuvering the sled could not vip escorts usa that Andrew was between the sled and the LC ramp.

Eights Station Siple Station predecessor closed 15 Novemberits generators and equipment were later shipped to Plateau. It was one of two aircraft sent to relocate a USGS mapping party. It stalled while trying to land in a partial whiteout, impacted violently, and caught fire. All ts browns plains crew aboard perished.

McMurdo construction: the original desal plant constructed next to the nuclear plant, along with first water distribution piping and first flush toilets Desal plant, piping, toilets, and dispensary were tested and shut down until the following season. Also, demo and site prep started for Buildingand the Earth Science Laboratory was completed. After several power failures, PP mechanic installs automatic low frequency alarms to wake him up if there is a problem.

There was another medevac from Byrd 13 September, aurora physicist Lawrence Spitz with acute peritonitis or appendicitis. McMurdo construction: Building erection begins, desal and fresh water piping systems placed in operation, dispensary occupied. First test landing of C aircraft at the McMurdo ice runway 14 November. They collected geologic samples from ly unvisited areas and did several shemale escorts tinley park usa first ascents in the Ellsworth Range.

Their exploits are detailed in this March-April Antarctic Journal article. Sullivan, population 21 list and photo Trivia: average winter alcohol consumption was 54 cases of beer and 6 cases of liquor for each of the 20 men some of whom were nondrinkers. First McM luxury escorts new york 24 hours ballooning experiments launched from Windless Bight usingcf balloons, to look for extraterrestrial electrons and X-rays, conducted by PI Martin Pomerantz.

First winter of long-running "all-sky camera" auroral photography by S. Akasofu UA-Fairbanks. Major generator problems at Plateau; fire destroys garage, temporary evacuations to summer camp required. Record low temperature at Plateau Model of the proposed domed station set out in the snow for a study of snow drifting patterns. Martin Pomerantz and Bartol team launch balloon-borne cosmic ray detectors from the ice near McM--the first year of a 2-season project.

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Some were tracked for more than 2 days--a precursor to today's long-duration missions. Pomerantz also brings 2 small telescopes to Pole for summer solar observations and escort scotland use by the cosray queehs. First year without picket ships 2 destroyers stationed on the ChCh-McMurdo flight path for weather forecasting. These were no longer needed because of weather satellites.

NGA solo pilot Max Conrad shows up at Palmer Station 21 December in his twin-engined Piper Aztec; after continuing south to Adelaide Island, he bags his round-the-world trip until the next season due to the lack of octane fuel on the ice photo and more information. A medevac was required.

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All this while the p for GWR and the helo pad constructed from runway matting were being cleared. Later the GWR shell was completed and the small boat ramp was built. They all step off the LC ramp at the same time so no one is "first" the details and photos. Average summer population: 36 this was the last season before new station construction started. Station de completed; first vessel shipments of dome and arch structural material delivered to McMurdo.

Gatineau king escort "UGO" unmanned geophysical observatory set up by Stanford at Byrd instrument capsule with propane thermoelectric generator on a 20' tower. First year with only one tanker delivery to McM; until now lack of fuel storage had required multiple trips with smaller ships. Faddenpopulation 21 list and photos. McM construction: Building Admin and originally Public Works, just below heavy shop occupied; incinerator pad prepared; first copper-nickel flash evaporator installed to supplant corroding carbon-steel desal escort service queens ronne Elliot Quay facing completed.

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Erebus 9 January. They don't get clearance, and it doesn't happen, but they did have plans to try again, but did not the full story. This flight was officially sanctioned; a LC queenx had been positioned at Pole for potential escort or search duty if the weather turned bad. Here's a quote from Elgen about his Antarctic flight, with a link to additional info T-5 building dismantled at McM, shipped to Pole and erected couple seeking men use as the construction camp escort service queens ronne.

Finn Ronne and wife show up briefly to mark 60th anniversary of Amundsen's and Scott's arrival 7 December. First female to stay overnight--Chicago Tribune reporter Louise Hutchinson 7 Decemberwho was covering the 60th anniversary commemoration, was stranded due to flight and weather delays. Wheeled aircraft tests conducted on taxiway surface prepared with aervice Peter snow miller I guess the tests didn't work.

Experimental Rodriguez well constructed under NCEL direction; placed in looking for something very unique after successful production of gallons per day the concept had been developed by Army engineer Raul Rodriguez at Camp Century, Greenland in Glomar Challenger discovers traces of hydrocarbons beneath the Ross Sea, stirring interest in mineral development.

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This wasn't the first such evolution. First ificant female science contingent, 2 biomed techs--Donna Muchmore Dr. UC Davis group shows up for preliminary micrometeorology study--to provide de data escort service queens ronne the future project at the domed station. Penguin Power and Light McM power plant gets 2 more kw White diesels making 6 total needed now that nuclear plant is dead. The expedition would leave vehicles and equipment at the POI for the winter and return the following season to continue their journey to Plateau Station.

Military looking for marriage left is a photo of the scene by Edgar Picciotto before the team set out on the second leg Antarctic JournalJanuary-February Campbell-Stokes sunshine recorders put in operation 16 November.

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This January photo is from Pat Mock. Old and reliable technology--sunlight is focused by the glass sphere and chars a line on a calibrated cardboard strip. In most latitudes without 24 hour daylight, only one instrument is needed. At the elevated station these are mounted on the roof.

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Replacement D-8 shipped in and assembled. The winter garage fire destroyed three tractors including one D-8, so this 78,pound replacement was shipped in in sections and reassembled by a 3-man team, working outside, in 3 weeks. On 8 January the assembled D-8 was used to start construction of the replacement garage, built at the end of fuel cache 1 official U.

Balloon inflation and hydrogen generator buildings replaced. The original inflation shelter was at grade level with the rest of the station, with hatch doors in the roof. This eventually got buried. The new H2 generator hut was built on the same grade level, while the inflation tower which would be destroyed by explosion a year later was built above the snow with telescoping support columns, with the launch doors on the south downwind side.

This photo by Steve Kauffman was taken from the forward scatter antenna looking northeast; the aurora tower is at left, cosray is at far left, and the Dobson hut is at right. This photo is also by Steve Kauffman. Original field telephone system replaced. Until this season, the cargo ships and tankers ships had tied up at female escorts in east dallas ice edge some distance away from McMurdo.

Elliott, Jr. At left on 18 December, a rare sight Clockwise from bottom Towleand Eastwind. Tanker Chatahoochie made escort service queens ronne total of 3 trips from NZ, and Endeavour made two.

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A busy season! Much of the above shipping information is from the Bulletin of the U. The photo above is from the February issue. Other information on the construction of Elliott Quay is from the Navy Civil Engineering Laboratory report "The man-made McMurdo ice wharf-- history, construction, and performance" which primarily discusses the construction of the first artificial ice pier during the winter the breakout of the ice in WQB resulted in subsequent erosion and destruction of the natural Elliott Quay ice edge and its subsequent reinforcement.

The report is available hereit includes additional photos of blind women looking for men quality as this is a escort service queens ronne document. Little Servvice summer weather station closed for the last time. Palmer Station Ecsort Palmer constructed and occupied.

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McMurdo dispensary the present one construction started. Room-sized steam bath constructed in the shop building original garage.

Cosray lab covered with the copper screening to reduce interference. Summer The station opening flight was 23 October, the earliest to date. At first the memorial was located next to the original chapel; it would be moved and rearranged! Second deck added in supply tunnel. New heating system installed in balloon inflation shelter Fire suppression system installed in power plant.