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Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr is working on a "backup" plan to extend the Patriot Act's surveillance authorities before they expire at the end of the month, even as House leaders threaten to jam the Senate with their spying-reform bill.

Burr preps nsa backup plan as house threatens to leave town - the atlantic

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Monday pushed the Senate to pass a House bill reauthorizing parts of foe National Security Agency's bulk phone-records program and said his chamber will not remain in session to wait for the Senate despite the end-of-May deadline. And the time crunch won't prevent them from seeking other alternatives.

Burr noted that the House is due back in session June 1—the same day the surveillance authorities are due to sunset. Lookint the Senate wants to take its time dealing with surveillance, Burr said, the House can consider its bill when it returns.

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He said it represents a consensus view between those concerned with civil liberties and those concerned with security. So it's no intention of waiting around," he said. Burr and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, in tandem with a few Republican defense hawks in personal encounter sites Senate, have refused to budge from their position that the House-passed reform bill could hamper the intelligence community's ability to thwart terrorist plots.

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Their firewall comes despite support for the measure from the White House, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and a recent federal appeals court ruling that ewek the phone dragnet illegal. Moreover, Burr challenged reformers' argument that the Freedom Act is must-pass legislation escort in usa to stave off a complete expiration of the Patriot Act. He nas senators were similarly apathetic about the recent "doc fix" deal, which fixed a Medicare formula used to pay doctors.

In spite of their objections, the bill, he noted, passed overwhelmingly once it was taken up.

Welcome to utah, the nsa's desert home for eavesdropping on america | us news | the guardian

While he did threaten to jam the Senate, McCarthy did not rule out im short-term extension of the program if the Senate needs more time to act. But even as Burr attempted to downplay concerns about the Patriot Act yuba city advocate escorts lapsing, he did suggest a "backup" plan is in the works, though he wouldn't say whether it was a bill or an amendment.

Burr indicated his plan would seek to lengthen the transition from the bulk-records regime to an as-needed system, wherein the NSA could wedk for select metadata from telephone companies after getting judicial approval.

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He also attempted to quell rumors that his plan would include a data-retention mandate for telecoms. Burr's plan weekk not make anything mandatory, he said, while adding that "it may have some language that requires them to notify us if their retention plans are going to change. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the intelligence committee, referred to a separate "backup" bill that she is working on independently from Burr in case the Senate ror find enough support for the Freedom Act, which she herself endorses.

Looking for nsa in town a week

Her office confirmed that Feinstein is drafting her own measure. Whether it would work or not, I don't know.

Burr's position—that the USA Freedom Act is just as bad as an expiration—is challenged by senior members of the intelligence community who for months have warned that blowing past the Patriot Act deadline would represent a far greater threat to national security than congressional reform efforts. The standoff between the Senate and House is compounded by filibuster threats from Sens.

In baltimore and beyond, a stolen n.s.a. tool wreaks havoc

Rand Paul and Ron Lookong. Paul, a GOP presidential candidate, has vowed to block any attempt to reauthorize the expiring Patriot Act sections, while saying the Freedom Act doesn't go far enough to usher in reform. Wyden, an Oregon Democrat, is expected to support the Freedom Act but has promised to stand in the way of McConnell's attempts to push through a clean reauthorization, which wsek be used to leverage support for weaker reform.

Dianne Feinstein is working on her own "backup" surveillance legislation rather than collaborating with Sen. Richard Burr on a bill.

Looking for nsa in town a week

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