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Torpedo Boats.

Pn escorts

Throughout the years, torpedo boats have changed form of use, and, by WW II, were not utilized in asments, which they escorta had to WWI. Already, during the first years of the century, torpedo boats had been utilized on the high seasbut the experience gained from WW I put into evidence their scarce qualities as tactical units, task for which destroyers definitely gained the upper hand.

The Treaty of Washington didn't set particular limitations to this type of unit. In thethe London Naval decided not to place limitations on all units of less than tons, and also for those not exceeding tons, provided that speed be less than 20 knots and there eescorts no torpedo launchers.

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The Regia Marina, within the limits set by these agreements, laid down the torpedo boats of the Spica class with a standard displacement of tons. Later on, pn escorts was recognized that ships of this type had to have a greater fuel capacity so to remain for a longer time on sea. Construction began of 4 escorts of the Pegaso class.

Pn escorts

During the war, it was made eescorts the impelling necessity of having units capable of escorting convoys with anti-aircraft and antisub capabilities, pn escorts construction began on 16 escorts of the Ciclone class followed the Pegaso. Finally, inconstruction began of a new class of 16 torpedo boats of the Ariete class, which was an improved Spica, but only one, the Aries, entered service.

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While for the torpedo boats of the Sirio class the limit of the standard displacement set by both the treaty of Pn escorts and the Escodts Naval Conference of tons was almost observedin the following series displacement was to be much greater. The Perseo class reached tons, the Climene class tons, the Gabbiano class tons, and the Ariete class tons.

Pn escorts

For the escort, instead, such limitations were not taken into consideration and the Pegaso class had a standard displacement of tons and the Ciclone class of tons. Torpedo launchers, on the ancient torpedo boats, included the numerous of the P. In the new torpedo boats and escort, torpedo launchers were less relevant, while anti-aircraft and antisub weapons were strengthened.

During the war, the originally installed 40 mm and the 13,2 mm guns, were replaced with 20 mm ones, better suited for anti-aircraft defense. Particularly on the Ciclone class, the anti-aircraft armament was constituted by 8 of such guns since construction.

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Escors experience gained during the war brought about the elimination of one of the mm gun, which was replaced by a twin mm gun. The antisub armament, constituted by 2 depth charges launcher on the Spica, was increased to 4 on the Pegaso and on the Ciclone.

Some units of this class had 6 of them; all units were provided with apparatuses for the search and location of submarines, and ecorts the end of the war some units pn escorts received a RADAR. All rights reserved. Start Here.

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